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Reduce one employees pay?? Georgia

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  • Reduce one employees pay?? Georgia

    I have been asked to reduce one employees pay without reducing any of the other employees in the same classification. Management feels that she doesn't perform well enough for the amount she is paid. Can you do that? This classification of employee has a guideline policy to determine wages for all employees classified as such. It includes base pay, years experience, etc. and the end result is their hourly wage. I am uncomfortable reducing her pay rate without reducing all employees in that classifications rate of pay. Any suggestions?

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    As long as you don't reduce it below minimum wage (if nonexempt) or $455/week (if exempt), of course you can reduce one employee's pay. It appears you certainly have good reason to do so and that reason is not one that is illegal (such as age, race, gender, etc.).

    Is this by any chance a government entity or the employee is covered under a CBA? Salary "guidelines" have no legal meaning. OTOH, if she isn't performing to your expectations in her current classification, demote her to a lower classification with the resulting lower salary.
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      She is a nurse and her director has a guideline policy that she follows for calculating salaries. The guideline changed about a year ago resulting in all the nurses receiving an increase. Now management wants to reduce just her hourly wage.


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        Is she in a union?


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          No she is not in a union.