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Should I be getting overtime pay for this? Florida

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  • Should I be getting overtime pay for this? Florida

    I work in a small retail store. counting myself there are five employees. The owner of the store, my employer rents the building and has decided to move to a new location. During this move my employer has told us, the employees that we will be working on saturdays moving work equipment and products from our store over to the new store, which working on saturday would put our work week over 40 hours, but my employer has told me that because we are moving the store to a new location the hours we work doing this time was not counted as overtime, but it is to me and want to know if it is required that my employer pay overtime for this work. last week I worked 41.50 hours monday to friday and saturday I worked 8 hours moving stuff over to the new store. my paystub reads 48 hours regular and 1.50 hours should be 9.50 hours overtime

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    Based on what you have said, overtime is due. Nothing about changing the location affects the normal overtime rules.
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