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    Im a server in florida and for the most part i make good money but last night i made $58 on $1049 in sales. I was required to tip out $29 to busser bar and kitchen staff, which has no contact with the public, dont mind tipping the busser and bar because that is how they make money. But the kitchen staff i dont think is fair because they are rude to the servers and wont help us at all knowing that they get there money nomater what. also when i told the manager that is what i made and i did not want the accountant to change it he said that the accountant would change it. My fear is that one day i will have to pay out of my pocket to cover the tip out. I also claim every thing i make so some years i have to pay money back to uncle sam wich sucks but has to be I just dont think the restuarant is doing good practice. Plz help with info. I have also worked in places that make you pay for breakage and for walkouts.

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