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Last Paycheck for an Exempt Employee Florida

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  • Last Paycheck for an Exempt Employee Florida

    I earned $500 per week as an exempt salaried employee at a call center. I gave my two weeks notice to my employer and he agreed to let me work out the final two weeks or until he found a replacement. I normally worked five days per week.

    Anyway, I worked 7 more work days and I had three more work days scheduled before my two week notice ran out. I was called at home and told I didn't need to come in for the final three days because they found a replacement.

    I was expecting my last paycheck to be for $1000, (our paydays were every two weeks) but it was for only $700. My employer told me that I was paid $500 for the full week I worked and only another $200 for the two additional days I worked in my final week.

    That's not right is it? Doesn't he owe me a full salary for my final week even though I only worked two days? After all, he let me go early during my two-week notice period.

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    One of the times an exempt salaried employee's pay can be docked for absences of less than a full week is: because the employee did not work a full first week or last week of work.

    Some employers will go ahead & pay for this time but they are not legally required to do so.
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