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Withholding pay in Florida

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  • Withholding pay in Florida

    Can an employer reduce your final paycheck for the cost of continuing education required by the employer. My employer has established a policy of charging the employee the cost of training/education if the employee leaves the employment of the organization within one year of the training even though it was not the desire of the employee to take the training.

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    FL has a higher then federal minimum wage, but is otherwise mostly a "just like federal" state with very little in the way of state specific labor law.

    The sort of deduction you describe might be legal under federal rules. The deduction could not reduce pay below minimum wage, and arguably the policy should have been articulated ahead of time (not the FL would likely care very much). The type of deduction described is legally a "for the convience of the employer" type of deduction.

    Federal deduction rules.
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