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  • Salaried Employee Laws-CT

    Hi, I was a store manager on salary. I requested a night off (after 3:30pm) on Sat and a morning off (before 3pm) on Wed. I had requested Sunday off ahead but let them know before they did the schedule that I did not need that day off. When the schedule came out on Saturday. They gave me Sun, Wed, and Sat off. I called them to ask what was going on. They never responded back. I talked to the owner on Monday and they said that it was because of what I requested off. I told them that I did not request that off and if they (the owner) did not work my shift (this Mon then I would have been scheduled within the normal hour range (44-48)). At this time I also gave my 2 week notice. I just received my last paycheck and I found deductions taken for the fact I was scheduled lower hours then normal. No one told me that my weekly salary would have deductions because of this schedule. I would have been willing to work else where or more on other dates to make up for this. Is this legal?

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    Salaried is merely a pay method. If by "salaried" you mean "exempt", then there are only limited circumstances under which you can be docked pay, which don't appear to apply here. If you were, in fact, exempt, unless you were suspended without pay for full days for disciplinary reasons, if there was work available and you were "called off", your salary cannot be docked.
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