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withholding paycheck Connecticut

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  • withholding paycheck Connecticut

    i have a question if anyone out there may know the answer. I worked in a ice cream store for about 9 months and wanted to quit because it was a hassle and hurt my back alot...was tired of hearing the litle kids and so on. I put in my two weeks notice. so i put my note in giving my two weeks notice. So i was at work on a sat afternoon trying to get someone to come in early becasue i had to be at my other restaurant job at 5:00 and i was schedualed to work there untill 5:00. i couldnt be at two places at once. So i called my boss and he didnt answer so i called my assistant boss and asked her if i could leave the store at 4:45 and lock it up and go to my other job if i culd have no one else come in for me, since i had my other job to go to. she said that was fine. so i work and time flys by and its 4:10 and my ride is here and this is my only ride to my other job take it or leave it. ( i dont drive so it was ny only transportation ) So i locked up the store and left quickly changed and went to my other job.
    I get a message on my phone a day or two later from my boss telling me that he wants to talk to me and he is going to withhold my paycheck untill i talk to him. So i call him and he tells me that he knows that i didnt not leave at 4:45, that he arrived at the store at 4:15 and there was a note on the window that i left and the store was closed. I explained to him my circumstances that this was my only ride and i had to take it of leave it and so on. Then he said that he was not going to give me my paycheck because he belives that for the time that i left the store locked up with no one in it that he losed out on monney that could of been made so it was my fault he didnt make that money (est 100$ the store brings in a hour) so he was not going to ever give me my final paycheck. I am researching this online like crazy.... and im pretty sure that its illegal for him to be doing this...

    please help!!! i really want my final paycheck.
    i was thinking of going to the ct labor board and writing a complaint about him but im not too sure what to do!!

    please help

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    He cannot withhold your paycheck. However, if you had not already quit he could fire you for this, and he can still refuse to allow you to work out your notice (and he does not need to pay you for any unworked notice time).

    If he does not give you your final paycheck, you can file a complaint with the state DOL.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      withholding paycheck con

      thank you so much! i had a feeling he couln't just not give me my paycheck. im only 18 so i think that he thinks that i wont research it and know better. but i do now thanks soooo much!!

      but i have one more question.
      when he was talking to me on the phone he told me that he didnt want to give me my paycheck because for the 45 min that i left the store unattended he was loosing monney that he could have been making. so he wanted to either not give me my paycheck or give me my paycheck and bill me for the approx monney that would have been brought in for those 45 min i left the store unnattended... i dont think he can do this either.
      and besides, i didnt even leave the store unattended, he showed up very soon after i left and he could of reopened it if he really wanted the monney

      so im not really sure of what to do about that...


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        It was very unprofessional of you to leave the store before your shift was up, especially since you had to close the business to do it. You won't do that again, right? And you won't schedule a second job to start at the exact time you're supposed to get off from the first job, right?

        However, he can bill you, sue you, whatever. Ignore a bill. Contact an attorney if he files suit.
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