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Vacation Policy Question Connecticut

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  • Vacation Policy Question Connecticut

    I've recently heard on a radio broadcast that CT may change the State Law so that employers may NOT have a "use-it-or-lose-it" vacation policy. Instead, according to what I heard, the law will force the employer to pay for "earned" vacation days or roll the "earned" vacation days to the next year.

    I've searched CT's DOL website and found nothing referencing this. Nor could I find anything on SHRM's website. Does anyone know where I might dig up pending CT employment laws, or find this supposed bill?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Go to the Connecticut General Assembly webpage at

    Click on Search.

    Click on Find Bills by Title.

    Type "Vacation" in the search box.

    That should take you to the bill in question.
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      Thanks. I found it easily with that link you were kind to provide.

      It doesn't look like there's a minimum employee for this one, so I'll likely need to update our employee handbook again.


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        Not until the law actually passes.
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          By the time I get through the process of updating the handbook and get the CEO/Owner's "OK" it could be October, by then we'll know if it's law or not (maybe)... (I'm also watching the Federal Minimum Wage Bill; not so much for the increase (CT is $7.65 now) but all the amendments being tacked on and what they may mean for the company.)

          I also may have to adjust the wording in our handbook for the our weapons on company property prohibition -- we have GA employees too.

          I just like to keep on top of any pending changes when it's slow and not have to deal with updating a handbook while I've several "hot" issues dropping on my desk.


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            Rather than have a "use it or lose it" policy, you could change your policy now and not have to worry about a change in state law if you simply cap the accrural of PTO. Employees don't LOSE any earned PTO, but don't get any extra when they reach the cap.
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              That's something to think about. Currently we do not have any pro-rated or PTO accrued within a year. It's a straightforward two weeks if you're with the company after 60 days and up to 5 years; on your 5th, 10th, 15th anniverary you gain an additional week each, capping at 5 weeks per year.

              As I understand the bill, the employee can only roll the vacation time forward one year, so at most currently they could get up to 10 weeks vacation. My concern is when said employee leaves the company a day after the 15th anniversary -- that's a pretty large package to cash out (the ones with the most seniority also have the highest pay scale)...

              As we are non-union, other than employee gripes over a cap at say one week beyond what they would normally receive, would there be any other potential liabilities for which I should watch?