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Is it legal to extend work week to 45 hours after 5 years? more breaks? Connecticut

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  • Is it legal to extend work week to 45 hours after 5 years? more breaks? Connecticut

    I'm on salary so am I do overtime pay also?

    But is it legal to change hours you have worked for 5 years from 9-5 to 830-530?
    and what legal recourse is there if you are a single parent with kids that make this impossible to abide by?

    Also does this increase any break time?

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    If you are an exempt employee, you are not eligible for overtime. You can be salaried, non-exempt and be eligible for overtime. The problem is you only posted that you are salaried, which doesn't tell if you are exempt or not.

    It is also possible that the employer would avoid paying overtime for non-exempt employees by having them take a one hour unpaid lunch break. That way, the work day for any one employee would only be eight hours a day, while the business is open to its customers for an additional hour a day.

    Unless you are covered by a contract or collective bargaining agreement that says otherwise, your employer can change the hours you work at any time.

    It may be inconvenient for you to change to the new hours, but not likely impossible. If changing is simply too inconvenient or costly, you can try discussing your problem with your employer and/or get a new job.

    Connecticut requires that most employees get a 30 minute meal break if they work at least 7 1/2 hours, but there are no additional breaks required, so extending the work day by an hour a day won't change that.
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