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Question on resigning Connecticut

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  • Bones007
    started a topic Question on resigning Connecticut

    Question on resigning Connecticut

    I am an hourly employee and I am a single employee working for two partners. I wan to give them time to find a replacement, but I do not want to be let go before I am ready to leave.

    If I resign and give my employeer 6 weeks notice and they fire me 1 week later is that legal? Do I have any rights? Can I collect unemployment? Can they deny or keep me from receiving unemployment for any period of time?

  • cbg
    Your employer is entitled to accept your resignation (which is not the same as firing you) at any time from the moment you offer it to the last minute of your notice period. There is no legal requirement that they allow you to work out your notice.

    You can apply for unemployment and in the majority of cases, in the majority of states, you will be eligible for the period of your notice minus any waiting period your state may have. Your employer is entitled to contest it on the basis that you resigned; however, the state makes the final decision as to your eligibility.

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