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CT, Terminated for illigetimate, blatnatly false information.. Connecticut

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  • CT, Terminated for illigetimate, blatnatly false information.. Connecticut

    Thanks for the replies, I've done all I can do.

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    Originally posted by kodoku
    My questions are this..

    What am I entitled to in this circumstance, if anything?

    Am I entitled to a written letter of termination stating the reason for such action?

    If I have evidence to dispute such a reason on this letter of termination, do I have any possible legal recourse?

    What action should I take within the company in order to get an investigation on this particular trainer and her questionable pratices? What evidence would I need to do so?
    In Connecticut you must be paid on a weekly basis (unless the employer has received permission from the Labor Commissioner to pay less frequently) no later than 8 days following the end of the pay period.

    Connecticut law does not require a "letter of termination".

    Why would you want to do so? Why I don't necessarily disagree with you that you may have been unfairly treated, I don't see that any laws were violated. It sounds like you are working through a staffing agency. Do you really think the agency is going to want to place you at another client when you complain about the practices of the client after just 3 weeks on the assignment?

    Personally, I'd file a claim for your unpaid wages with the Dept. of Labor and let the rest of it go.
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