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Lunch brake rights?? Colorado

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  • Lunch brake rights?? Colorado

    Iím kinda in a pickle, and I donít really know where the law starts or where the law ends considering my odd predicament. I presently work for a security company in Colorado Springs, were putting in 55-62 hours a week. Tons of overtime, this has its pros and cons. Well recently I got a verbal warning because I left the site to go get lunch; I donít have food to bring to work so Iím forced to get my food during lunch hours. My boss said that I signed a waver stating that I waiver my lunch right so we work the whole strait 8 hours paid. Which is nice, except we work all that overtime with no brakes, and an eat while your working job. Which is great and all but what about those of us who have to Ďgo get our foodí does my employer have the right to work me 10-13 hours a day with no lunch brakes; and no regular brakes?

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    This only applies to non-exempt employees in Co. which it seems you are: Employers are required to give a meal period of 30 min. if an employee works 5 or more hrs. If the nature of the job doesn't allow for an uninterrupted meal period, the employee must be permitted to consume an "on duty" meal while performing duties. Such a meal period must be paid time. Also, every employer is required to provide a rest period in the middle of each four-hour work period. Moreover, a compensated 10 min. period for every 4 hrs. worked is permitted for all employees. Applies to public & private employers with various exceptions incl. elected officials & their staffs.
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      Originally posted by ASinnersCurse View Post
      I don’t have food to bring to work so I’m forced to get my food during lunch hours.
      I don't understand that statement at all. How can you NOT have food to bring to work but be able to afford to run out for some at lunch time?

      It is a whole lot cheaper to pack a brown bag than it is to go to some fast food place.

      You work in security. Are you the only security guard on duty at the site? If so, and you left the client premises unsecured while you went out for lunch, I would have fired you. If there are others on duty who can man your particular post during your unauthorized absence, I would be a little more lenient (I also would light up the others since they should know better).
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