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Final Paycheck calculation

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  • Final Paycheck calculation

    please please help me calculate my final paycheck.
    I quit my job and today (4th) is my last day. I already got my final paycheck (wages from May 1st to May 4th) and I am not sure if it is the right amount.
    I am salary based and the usual company pay days are every 15th and 31st (or 30th). What my employer did was dividing my 2wks pay by 15 days and multiplying it by 4. I thought he was going to divide it by only working days. Is there any way to calculate final paycheck amount for salary based person? Is there any written law about this? Please help me...
    Thank you.

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    I beleive the below would be correct for a monthly salary. Which I assume is your method. Corrections anyone?

    Monthly x 12 52 = weekly 5 = daily x 4 = pay due
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      There are several possible legal methods, but what they did isn't one of them.

      Joec's would work fine. They could also take your semi-monthly salary / number of working days in the semi-monthly period * 4 days. They could also do what I just explained, except instead of paying you for 4 days, they could subtract 6 days from it.

      So, you see, three different methods, all legal. The cleanest one is what joec stated.
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