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  • alternative work week over time California

    We recently switched to 4/10 schedule mainly because we normally work 9.5 hrs a day and employer wanted to get away from paying the OT. I work as a private eye and our schedule (days) changes week to week depending on case. usually as soon as we reach 40hrs or 4 days worked then we will get the day off. However, there are days when after 4 days worked I only have 34 hrs and so they schedule me on the 5th day. I don't get OT on the 5th day. are they allowed to fluctuate days like that? is it no longer a 4/10 schedule when we occasionally work 5 days? and do they have to pay OT on the 5th day even if I am not after 40hrs yet?

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    Your next step is to look up your employer.
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      Originally posted by DAW View Post
      Your next step is to look up your employer.
      I already did and they are listed as 4/10


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        schedule starts on Saturday and depends on the case so it will be anywhere from 5 hrs to 13hrs and usually goes
        Sat: 9.5
        Sun OFF
        Mon OFF
        Tues 9.5 or 5
        Wednesday 9.5 or 5
        Thursday 9.5 or less
        Friday: depends on our hours but could be 5 or 10