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California Salary Exempt EMP - international travel and compensation? California

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  • California Salary Exempt EMP - international travel and compensation? California

    My work requires that I occasionally travel to customer sites (national and international). Usually, travel occurs on weekends so that I can arrive at customer site Monday morning. I'll normally work 10+ hours a day before retiring to hotel room.

    I'd like to know if the travel time - sometimes extending over 30 hours (i.e. LAX to India with layover) - should be compensated.

    I am in IT and am considered a Professional Employee meaning I'm OT exempt, among other things.

    Should I be receiving any compensation for all this travel time??


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    Not if you are exempt...that's pretty much what exempt means... no OT for extra hours required
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      If you are legitimately classed as exempt, then no, travel time/overtime/etc. are not applicable.


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        Agreed. And even if you were non-exempt, DOL will not treat 30 consecutive travel hours as "worked". They have specific regulations on that.
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          Well it depends... If you want compensation, you will have to demand it because company shareholders or business owners always want to gather as much profit as they can while spending the least possible way they can.
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            Keep a watch on above responder - foreign (Netherlands) IP address - could be seed spam.
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