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FLSA difference CAlifornia VS Washington? California & Washington

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  • FLSA difference CAlifornia VS Washington? California & Washington

    Our company has two locations, WA and CA. Due to the new FLSA overtime law we are looking at reclassifying many of the WA Exempt Salaried employees to Non-Exempt Hourly employees as their wages do not qualify them as Exempt beginning Dec 1, 2016. And also looking at reclassifying many other employees there as "non-exempt" as well. I believe they were misclassified for some time now.
    My question is...Is there any difference between CA and WA FLSA rules with regards to qualifications for "Exempt" status? Many positions/job duties are the same at both locations, yet WA employees have been classified as "exempt" and CA employees as "non-exempt". I am being told it's because the requirements are different for the two states by management.

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    Yes there are some differences in the exemptions California being more stringent.

    Here's a list of the CA exemptions.


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      It is not uncommon to have employees in one state classified differently than in another. I suspect that will be even more common now that the threshold for exempt has changed as there can be significant regional differences in pay. An employee in NYC will likely be making more than one doing the same job in Toledo.
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