Up until the middle of the month, I worked out of my home in California (remote / global employee), and was employed by a large multi-national conglomerate, which has their central office (HR, Payroll, etc..) in Massachusetts.

At the beginning of the month, I gave my two weeks’ notice. As we approached my last day and spoke to the HR rep on the phone, I was informed that my last paycheck would be issued the following week (I left on a Friday, the next pay day was the following Friday).

I called the payroll department twice to ask if they were aware that California law required that my last pay check be provided to me on my last day of employment. They told me that they were unaware of that "policy" and that the corporate policy was to pay the last pay check on the next payroll date.

I did receive my last paycheck on the following payday (7 days later), but now I would like to pursue a wage claim against my former employer.

First Question: Looking through the wage claim form, I'm not sure how to address the section of the Gross Wages. Would I fill in my gross wages for my last paycheck? (The one that arrived 7 days after my last day of employment)

Second Question: In the form section where you detail the issue ("brief explanation" section), do I need to explicitly ask for a waiting time penalty, or should I detail out just the facts and let the folks at the DLSE make a decision?

Third (and final question): What's the current wait time at the CA DLSE? (I live in the SF Bay Area.) From reading some of the older posting on the message boards, it seems like there can be a significant wait time to get your claim reviewed.

Thanks for your input.