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Vacation accrual California

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  • Vacation accrual California

    I've been employed as a legal secretary at a large law firm in CA since January 2007. The firm mistakenly had me accruing four (instead of two) weeks of vacation per year from that date.

    I notified HR last week immediately after having discovered the error. An accounting found that I've accrued 160 hours more than I should have. The firm wants me to repay all 160 hours. I have 120 hours in my bank that I'm more than willing to return. I'm not so interested in returning the 40 hours that I inadvertently used over the last two years.

    Is there any law that addresses this issue? Do I have to repay vacation time that I inadvertently used as a result of my employer's error?

    If there is no law on point, does anyone have any experience with how employers have handled this situation? Even if the law provides me no protection, I think the firm is being ungracious in light of my honesty.