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Employer requires charitable work - California

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    Originally posted by Phil Anders View Post
    Aren't there laws that address "free timing"?
    Not exactly. Assuming that you are Non-Exempt, then employers must pay you based on actual hours worked. The legal defininition of hours is worked is broad and would include you being ordered to spend Saturday picking up trash on the highway. HOWEVER, your argument is that if you fail to do so, you might not get a raise. Your employer was not legally required to give you a raise in the first place, but your employer was legally required to pay Non-Exempt employees based on actual hours worked. Legally two very different issues. It is perfectly legal to base raises on any factors that do not violate an actual law, like Title VII. Basing raises on chartible contributions of money or time is not inherently illlegal. Basing raises on dating the bosses daughter or winning the football pool is not inherently illegal.

    Not your questions, but I have worked for bosses that made similar suggestions to me, I did not follow their suggestions and I got raises anyhow. Go figure.

    Is the employer in question tap dancing in dog do-do? Sure. Is the emloyer breaking an actual law? Maybe, but I still do not see do see which law that would be.
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