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  • Unemployment

    EDD continues to send me checks even though my claim is in an appeal status. The judge approved my claim back in January, then my employer appealed the claim, the judge changed his mind after our second hearing on March 17 based on my employers dishonest words and no evidence. I had mountains of email evidence plus witnesses. Anyway, another check came today. I received noticed from EDD yesterday that the payments they have been sending were waived through a certain date, but again, another check came today. I appealed the judges decision 10 days ago and the state has my appeal. Why do they continue to send checks? I need an employment lawyer! My employer lied under oath and deserves something bad to happen, yet I am the one who is penalized!
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    PT your question is best posted in its own thread!


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      Agree, I'll move it to its own thread.
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        No idea. You'll have to contact EDD. Since your case is under appeal, that may be the state's policy. Of course, if you don't file the biweekly claim, you won't get a check.
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