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Base period, disability and UI?? California

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  • Base period, disability and UI?? California

    I have a few questions about how UI, disability and the base period works.

    1) Do I qualify for UI as I recently was laid off from a job I worked for about 7 months? In the past 18 month, I worked between Sep 08 to April 09. However, I did not work between July 07 to Aug 08. I worked for another continuously for about 7 years prior to July 07 but I guess that portion is not counted as that's more than 18 months ago

    2) Based on the above timeline, do I qualify for disability insurance if my doctor has to put me off work in August 09?

    3) If I were on disability for 6 months and then still were unemployeed, would I qualify for UI again, assuming I met all the other requirements?

    Thanks a bunch for your answers.

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    1. No way for use to be sure, but the fact that you have no wages for 2 quarters of the 2008 base period, and only one month of wages for 1 quarter of it, may disqualify you financially. The only way to know for sure is to file.

    2. Again, different eligiblity requirements, but file and find out.

    3. Likely not, because SDI payments are not UI eligible wages.

    Sorry couldn't be of more help, but even the EDD won't give you an answer over the phone. They just say file and we'll let you know.

    So file and they'll let you know.
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