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EDD is really confusing me

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  • EDD is really confusing me

    I claimed for UI on 3/1 - I received few mails from EDD following that

    1) requesting to provide information of my SSN (i sent out all necessary documents requested - infact sent few more than requested through certifeid mail)

    2)Received a notice saying that my claim amount is 0.00

    3) A letter stating that i will be interviewed on march 21st between 8Am and 10 AM PST

    4)Received weekly claims form for week beginning 3/1 and ending 3/14 - i filled it out and mailed it on 3/17

    After sending back all necessary documents to EDD i waited for my interview - I even waited couple of hours after the scheduled time and never received a call

    On 3/26/2009 - i received a mail (which is dated as 3/25 as Notice of Amended unemployment Insurance Award) - but this mail was actually mailed out to me on 3/23/2009- i dont understand how this could happen

    On 3/27/2009 - i received 2 mails with dates as 3/23/2009 (both having the same information) - these were Notice of Determination which says that i am uneligible to receive UI because I do not meet the legal reqts for filing a claim - I also have appeal forms in it -

    I even set up my pwd on EDD's automated system to check on my bi-weekly check information and the system says that a check has not been mailed out to me yet -

    I sent out couple of messages to EDD customer service and both the times i received the same response that i can appeal their decision (for denying my claim) if i want

    I am so confused - I received this notice of award and after a day they say that my claim is denied - where does all this come from - can someone please help me - But i should also inform here that i have been addressed in 2 different ways - the notice of UI award is addresses to my Full Name (first and last) where as the denial forms addresses me as my first initial and last name - does it make a difference?

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    It might make a difference. It sounds like maybe there are wages reported with your SSN by another company, another person.

    There's really no way of knowing. You've received just now a financial determination with a weekly amount? It may take a few days or a week or so to get your first check out.
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      Paddy - thanks - Actually the company which i worked (that i reported to EDD) had reported my wages to EDD in a different name (that used to be the name they registered first) - But what do i need to do now about the appeal and never receiving an interview call? - Since i already mailed out the weekly claim form 10 days back and havent received a check how long should i wait to take more action


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        First off, California is flat broke and now more than ever the UI system is taxed with all of the layoffs. Our office has noticed many many more UI claims being turned down. You should get a copy of your file from EDD and see what employers are saying about you. If they have stated incorrect information that has caused you to lose UI benefits (that they should know to be incorrect), this may be the basis for a defamation lawsuit.
        "California Wage and Hour Class Action Attorneys"

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          I know this post is too late for the original poster, but I thought I'd add something for anyone that may need to know in the future:

          When you receive a "Notice of Award" it means nothing except that it is the amount you will get if you are approved. "Award" usually means we get something, right? That's what I thought. Until I got the "denied" letter a few weeks later. HTH.