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"flex" pay for part time, at will employee California

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  • "flex" pay for part time, at will employee California

    I work for a school district, part time and 'at will.'
    My job requires that I put in more than four hours a day, but I can only be paid for four hours. Extra pay is "flex" time, which i can use if I am sick or want a holiday.

    My employer wants to change their policy from a 45-day accumulation of flex time to a 10 day accumulation - in short, I would have to take a day off or be sick within 10 days of when I worked those extra hours.

    I've worked 15 extra hours already, and don't want to see that disappear. Is this legal for them to 'expire' hours I have worked like that?

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    public school district, perhaps not at will then but still very much part time, with no benefits


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      There's a case about this somewhere, but I don't have time to look for it right now. I'll try over the weekend if someone else doesn't have it.
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