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Government Employee Advanced Sick Leave Withheld California

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  • Government Employee Advanced Sick Leave Withheld California

    I work for the US Post Office, and I got approval in writing for advanced sick leave pay for 2 months, until which time I will go on disability. I will also be collecting worker's comp, which has already been determined. I have been out for one month now, and my first paycheck for advance sick pay was "unauthorized" as my boss said. She paid me 60%, because the post master who approved my advanced sick pay had not entered my hours, and found out later that she wasn't even supposed to do that. She called me today and said again I will not be getting a paycheck AT ALL for this pay period. So I didn't get 40% of what I was expecting last pay period, and I'm getting ZERO this pay period. Is this legal? What laws apply to me as a government employee, and/or what can I do about it? I have left several messages with different postal departments, but don't know who to contact outside the post office, if anyone. Any help or advice would be MUCH appreciated!!

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    Your supervisor approved it? Did he/she have the authority to (apparently) override policy?

    How are you planning on paying it back?
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      My advanced sick pay was approved by the postmaster in my county. The problem is that the advanced sick pay hours were not put into the tax salary system. I've been calling everyone to get my hours into the system but i get no answers or I get their voicemail. But my supervisor knew the hours were approved so she gave me an advance for the two week period. The way advanced sick pay is repaid is that i earn a half a day of sick pay every two weeks i work.