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  • Mechanic Flat Rate

    Actually i have a few questions about being a mechanic in a flat rate shop.

    1) Is it legal for a company to go from an hourly wage to a flat rate wage without proper notification or new contract?

    2) While under flat rate can a mechanic decline to perform a repair due to the fact that a job is going to take longer than it will pay?

    3) Are flat rate mechanics entitled to company paid breaks?

    Ill leave it at these for now. If any one can give me some insite, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Easy stuff first. The following are the breaks and meals rules.

    From here it gets more complicated. What your employer is calling "flat rate" is almost certainly what federal DOL calls "piece work". This is a question that I seem to answer several times a week, so I am going to give you a pointer to one of my previous answers. See if this answers your question.
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