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Union Contract, Raises and TTD

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  • Union Contract, Raises and TTD

    I work for a company with a union contract and was to get a raise of .50c every yr for 4 yrs. Became injuried and filed for workers comp. When you become TTD they pay you 66% of your pay for the last 12 months, its called AWW (average weekly wage). My question is if your still injuried 2 yrs after going out on TTD is your employer to adjust your AWW to reflect the yearly raises.

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    You'll have to speak to your union steward. This is not an area adddressed by general employment law.
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      Your comp rate is set from the date of injury. It does not take into account what you may make in future years. The AWW is not recalculated everytime you are out. The same rate carries for the life of the claim.
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