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Rounding Up Payroll California

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  • Rounding Up Payroll California

    Can my employer round up (or down) my hours for payroll processing based on the quarter hour? For example, if I come in at 7:38, they round up to 7:45 (in their favor) or if I come in at 7:32, they round down to 7:30 (in my favor)? Also, I should note, that we are not using a time clock, but a timesheet where we write in our hours (although I think that this is cross checked against a report from our parking garage that shows when our car entered the garage).

    Please advise - I thought I had to be paid for every minute I worked as a non-exempt employee. Can they really round up/down in increments of 15 minutes?
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    Yes, they can though normally it is done when time clocks are used.

    note re rounding practices:
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      And, as a matter of fact, this is absolutely the correct application of the rounding rules under the FLSA. To the nearest quarter-hour (a shorter period is allowed, but the quarter-hour is the longest allowed).
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