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  • Arkansas Unemployment Arkansas

    In Arkansas- If your spouse takes a new job over 3 hours away, can you collect unemployment as a result of leaving your job and moving with him? He just started Dec 21st.

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    I don't know specifically about Arkansas, but very few states have a "trailing spouse" provision so it's unlikely.

    However, the best way to find out for certain is to apply. There is no cost and no penalty for being wrong, so the worst that can happen is that you are declined, in which case you are no worse off than if you never applied in the first place. It never hurts to try.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Thanks I will


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        Arkansas does not have any such provision.


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          So are you saying I would waste my time if I applied for benefits?


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            Not really, I seen people who aren't supposed to get UI get it. It won't hurt to apply and costs nothing to file. Just don't be surprised when you are turned down.


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              Agreed. Based on the facts as stated:
              - If you file for UI, you probably will not get benefits.
              - However, if you do not file for UI, you certainly will not get benefits.

              Other then a little time on your part, it costs you nothing to file.
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                husband relocated response

                I saw some new stipulations that allowed for collecting unemployment benefits if federal money was being accessed/utilized by the state for UI benefit payout subsidies. Unless I am mistaken (and as an employer, I was concerned when I read them), if an employee quit to relocate for a spouse's job they MAY now qualify. There were some other qualifying situations, such as being the victim of domestic violence and the effects of same playing into the reasons you are no longer employed (for example, you claim that your abusive spouse didn't want you to go to work and you were afraid to not do as he wanted, so you missed work and then got fired for lack of attendance); another was leaving work to be a caretaker of an ill person (used to be that you got to take time off under FMLA, now you may be able to draw UI benefits if you quit for this reason).

                Anyone else read about these changes? The impact to a company's SUTA tax rate could be devastating as challenging/protesting these types employee UI claims would be a nightmare at best.