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Arkansas Auto Technician Labor Law and Jod hour questions

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  • Arkansas Auto Technician Labor Law and Jod hour questions

    I was wondering where the arkansas law stands and what it states concering auto technicians. First off what exactly can a auto technician in arkansas expect as far as getting paid minimum wage,any type of tool allowance, or if they are intitled to any other type of pay. The other question is, what can they do if work is not handed out evenly and can be proved. What type of proof is needed aswell as what does, if any, the law consider to be unfair, unlawfull, or even to the point illegal. thank you

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    Arkansas is basically a "default to federal" state when it comes to wage and hour laws.

    As such:

    Minimum wage applies. And overtime MAY apply (if the shop is NOT an auto dealer). That's it.

    Tool allowances not required.

    The law does not involve itself in the "fairness" of work assignments, unless the disparity of the assignments can be proven to be as a SOLE result of a protected characteristic under Title VII, such as race, gender, religion, etc.
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      Agreed on the above. Past that, if we have a MW employee whom the employer forces to go out of pocket for tools or other things, we could have a violation in the "free and clear" rules associated with MW.

      Auto Dealers are one of those many industry groups with their own special rules. Mechanics working for auto dealers have no right to the overtime premium (just MW for all hours worked), while auto mechanics doing exactly the work for non-auto dealers do have a right to the overtime premium. Your tax dollars at work.
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