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  • mileage compensation Arkansas

    I am a copier technician and use my own car for service calls. I live in city B and work in city A. The distance to drive to work (city B to City A) is 29 miles. Sometimes I am dispatched from my home for service calls instead of driving to city A to the office. For example: City C has several clients we service and is about 30 miles from my house. The reason I am dispatched from home is that City C is 50 miles from city A were the office is located. I am being told that my mileage from my house (in city B) to city C will not be compensated but my mileage compensation will start on my first call in city C. My question is: Is this legal or is there something I can use to have them pay me for this mileage?

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    It is legal. In your state mileage never has to be reimbursed and time spent commuting to and from work would be taxable if it were paid.
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      However, keep meticulous records of your business-related mileage (not the commute), as (depending on your AGI) you may be able to deduct them on your 1040 if you itemize. See a tax preparer for more information.
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