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Exempt hours tracked to see how many hours you work - then discipline Arizona

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  • Exempt hours tracked to see how many hours you work - then discipline Arizona

    I understand that as an Exempt employee you really don't have many rights under FLSA. But is an employer has you fill out a absence form (this is just documentation, leave banks are not effected) for any hours missed under 4 hours, then at each managers discretion can add up hours from those forms and discipline you, is this correct? Hours worked on weekends or outside of the "shift"(define as 8 hours a day) is not tracked and jobs and duties aren't those that are effected in your absence, ie you have a specialized position and if you leave someone has to cover your shift.

    and even though exempt employees may not have many rights under FLSA, what about other laws, since managers can pick and choose at their judgement who to discipline and the amount of hours missed does not have a thresh hold in the policy. I also have not been under any formal or informal corrective action and have had exceeds for all my employee reviews for the last 5 years.

    I am not sure if this manager is not interpreting the policy correct of their is a different standard form me.

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    It's not illegal for an employer/manager to discipline an exempt employee for time missed (absences) - whether hours or days. They also don't have to treat/discipline everyone the same as long as you aren't discriminated against due to a reason prohibited by law (religion, race, gender.....).
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