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long hours,salary Arizona

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  • long hours,salary Arizona

    My son works at (a gym chain). He is a GM on a salary, he works 12-14 a day with only a 1hr lunch break. He has worked 7 days a week for nearly 3 months now without a day off. When he brings up the idea of taking a day off he is discouraged by his boss. He has even had to be back at work less than 8 hours after coming home from the previous work day. Is this legal in AZ? What are his rights?
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    Yes, it's legal. Whether an employee is non-exempt or exempt (exempt from over time pay), he can be required to work the # of hrs./days his employer requires/needs him to. There are some exceptions for minors & certain occupations such as airline pilot or long haul trucker. Az. is not one of the few states that has a one day off in 7 law.

    Sorry. I'm not saying I agree with having to work such a schedule but it's legal.
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