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Employer request what you do on time off Arizona

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  • Employer request what you do on time off Arizona

    I do have a few questions about my employment.
    1) Can an employer request that you tell them what you do on your days off so they can get hold of you?

    2) Can they require you to use your personal cell phone for text messages and phone calls dealing with work on your days off?

    3) If you are scheduled off can they require you to answer all phone calls and tell you cant go out of town or to play golf?
    I am a salaried employee but nothing was ever signed or said about you can't go out of town or I have to use my cell phone for work.

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    1. They can ask. Why would they "need to get a hold of you" on your day off? Are you subject to being on-call? Are you in such an important position that they can't go a week without you?

    2. Yes.

    3. Theoretically and legally, yes.

    By "salaried", do you mean "exempt"? They are not the same thing.

    Unless you actually have an enforceable contract that addresses these issues, you don't have to agree or "sign anything". It's just another working condition change.
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