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E-Verfiy Arizona

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  • E-Verfiy Arizona

    We have three companies each with a different FEIN. The companies are in AZ and AR. For all new hires in AZ, I have to run them through E-Verify. What about employees that we hire out of AR? Our corporate office is located at the AZ location where payroll is entered. Even though these employees are hired in AR, do I still, by law, have to run them through E-Verify?

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    I did keyword searches on the ICA site for "e-verify" and "new hire" and I got no hits on the first one and no relevants hits on the second one.

    Is it the ICA that has mandated e-verify?
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      It is the State of Arizona that made this a law. I am concerned that because our headquarters are in AZ, that I am required to put ALL new hires through E-Verify even though the new hires were hired by a seperate FEIN and location.


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        Not my area of expertise, but I am able to find some general information via Google. You might need to contact the State of Arizona directly if you cannot get your specific question answered.
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