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Unemployment benefits when not receiving pay

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  • Unemployment benefits when not receiving pay

    I can provide more details if needed, but to make a long story short, I have not been paid for July's wages, and probably will not be paid for August's either.

    Normal pay schedule was bimonthly, but over the last few months it has been changed to monthly, on the first friday of the month. So I have not received August's paycheck (which would have been for work performed in July).

    I know the company is in financial trouble and I am actively seeking other employment. The only reason I haven't out and out quit is because I am still receiving health insurance benefits (for now, at least).

    I'm wondering if I do quit, can I qualify for unemployment benefits seeing as how I'm technically employed?

    Also, what do I have to do to go after my owed wages?

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    I'm saying (and others may disagree), don't quit without another job. Problem is that even the unemployment commission won't guarantee to saying that you would receive UI benefits.

    However, give go ahead and file. It isn't that you aren't working, it's that you aren't getting paid. However, if you DO receive UI benefits, you will have to pay them back when you get your wages.

    Relative to your wages, file a claim with the ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona), which is what your state calls its Department of Labor.
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      Agree with Patty not to quit unless you have another job. You might not get unemployment ins. benefits if you quit even in this situation. There are no guarantees.
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