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Paid Vacation Denial Alaska

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  • Paid Vacation Denial Alaska

    I work as a firefighter for a private company that is a subcontractor for the DoD. We work in a remote location where a jet is chartered for us to fly back and forth. Our schedule is 10 weeks on 5 weeks off. Now we get 2-3 weeks of paid vacation a year. Recently, 3 of my coworkers were denied their paid vacation. The unofficial policy of the company is that we are not allowed to take our vacation unless it is during our 5 week time off. Is this legal?

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    There are no laws requiring employers to provide paid vacation, so employers are free to set their own policies on when and how employees may use the vacation time that is provided. It does not seem unreasonable to restrict the use of vacation to periods when employees are not at the remote location, given the obvious difficulties of getting them back and forth and replacing them when they are out.
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