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    My wife and I both work for the same company. I work at a mill and she worked in the office. I was injured on the job mid last month, taken out of work by a doctor for 3 days then put on light duty. the foreman made harsh comments to me about the light duty work, then put me on a machine that required more than light duty work wich I did in fear of keeping my job, knowing that he was already upset about my filling a work comp case and being on light duty. after two days of this job I reinjured my back. I have been taken back out of work. now they have taken my insurance benefits stating that I didn't work enough hours, even though I was out of work for a work related injury. I contatcted worker comp about being put on a job that was over my doctors orders of light duty, then two days later they laid my wife off stating that business is slowing and they don't have work for her. they have adds out trying to higher new employees. Is my employers actions grounds for retaliation?

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    Just from what you posted, it sounds like it might be retaliation. I would talk to an attorney.
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