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Not getting paid for work performed Alabama

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  • Not getting paid for work performed Alabama

    I performed some work for a gentleman. We agreed on the price and he paid part and he is refusing to pay me. I took him to small claims count and won the judgement. He appealed the jugdement. His son is threating to call the alabama board of contractors because I am not a licensed contractor. Me and my wife was the only 2 to perform the work. Is there an Alabama labor code to make him pay me?

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    In your case, I believe your only recourse is through the court system. What happened when he appealed the judgment - did he win?

    I don't know the amount of money involved but you might talk to an attorney.
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      We haven't been to court on the appeal . It was set for mid March of 2009 but I put a request in for an earlier date.