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Am I eligible for unemployment or Not? Alabama

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  • Am I eligible for unemployment or Not? Alabama

    I have worked for a small business in Alabama for a year now. Lately, business has been slow and I have only worked enough so as not to be eligible for unemployment benefits. I do not think my employer has paid in any benefits, this is why he is only working me/us 24-30 hours a week. How can I find out if he has paid in any benefits? I also have another problem with my employers accountant. When I receive my check there is no check stub attached. I have asked her several times to fax me a copy of my and the other employees deductions and she has only done this twice in one year. Everyone has warned me that the company may not even be turning in the taxes that we are being cut, or either she is cutting us one thing and will turn in another at the end of the year. What can I do to ensure this does not happen?
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    Basically, the only way you are going to find out if the employer has reported your wages to the UI agency is to file for benefits.

    Unless YOU are the one withholding and paying the taxes, and preparing the W-2 forms, YOU can't do anything to ensure that such issues are handled properly and in accordance with the law. In the meantime, keep scrupulous records of your own, as best you can.

    Regarding pay stubs or other documentation, there is no provision in Alabama law requiring such information be provided; so, although it's only prudent to do so, the employer is not in violation of any law by not providing this information.
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