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PDL/FMLA/CFRA California

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  • PDL/FMLA/CFRA California

    I started PDL on 10/04/2012. Delivered baby on 11/14/2012. PDL ended 6 weeks after my child’s deliver witch brings us to 12/26/2012 with 6 weeks of remaining FMLA. I know PDL runs concurrent with FMLA. SO CFRA will run concurrent with FMLA once PDL ends. My CFRA leave was for baby bonding witch ended on 3/22/2012. My son has a qualifying medical condition diagnosed on 02/05/2012. He had surgery on 03/07/2012. His doctor gave me a medical certification stating needing care until 6/01/2012. So put in a request to extend my leave.

    My HR department is telling me that I have used up all my available leave for the year. Is this true, do I not qualify for anymore leave? I also have sick hours for leave. Thanks.

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    I'm bumping this for you, as I believe we have people here with familiarity with California.
    I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!