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Do you need a licens for pat time online work? New York

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  • Do you need a licens for pat time online work? New York

    Hello all, I am here seeking accurate advice for this situation. I would like to start offering part time remote support services like Admin support, web design and SEO and wish to start advertising on Angie's list. Angie's list has said if there is no law requiring me to have a license for this then I won't need one for their site. So I would like to find out if there is any legal license requirement for me to offer these services on a part time basis please?

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    If you mean a license that allows you to perform web design, there is not. Not in the same way the plumbers or electricians must be licensed to perform certain duties. If you are setting up a business of any kind you really need to discuss it with a lawyer to make sure everything is done correctly. It does not matter if you are doing this full or part time.
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      Got it, thanks.