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Ex-employer threatened to file police report. Pennsylvania

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  • Ex-employer threatened to file police report. Pennsylvania

    This is my first post.

    I've never been one to take legal action as I try to settle things peacefully. I'm asking this question as I feel like I'm being blindly threatened for little to no reason.

    Anyway, I quit my job several weeks ago for personal reasons. I turned in all company issued equipment as anyone does. However, I received I text from my former boss that "the company" will be filing a police report as I never turned in my training manual and a customer credit application (which I do not have) and to expect officers to come to my home.

    This (to me) sounds insane. A police report over a $3 book that was given to me by the company!? I have been sick with the flu and told him I'd return it at my earliest convenience. As for the credit application; it was one of my first accounts and never once was it brough to my attention that it needed to be turned in. That application is long gone.

    My question is this: am I in the wrong here? And if officers do come to my home, is that indicative that the company legally accused me of "stealing"? If so, as I'm far from a thief, is that defamation of my character?

    I want to do the right thing here but I don't want to be taken advantage of either. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    You have or had their property so it is theft, and it is not defamation. You can try to explain that you do not have the one item to your former employer, but they do have the right to report it as a theft. I'd find away to return the book as soon as possible.
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      If you aren't dependent on the reference, I'd tell your boss to blow all that smoke up his ***. I'm pretty sure the police are going to laugh if he files a report of theft over worthless documents, and I seriously doubt he actually intends to do that.

      Assuming there is nothing you are leaving out of the story, I just can't believe a boss would be that vindictive, and I would keep the book just out of spite. Seriously, I don't take well to bullying.
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