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working 3 shifts with no 8 hour brakes California

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  • working 3 shifts with no 8 hour brakes California

    fisrt im sorry for asking this question i know ive seen it here once but i think mine is a little different
    so yesterday-today i works from 6pm to 2:48am today at 8am-10am and then also today i work at 4pm-1am
    would i get any over time or split shift pay of one hour? and links would be amazing and post too.

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    Maybe complicated. Start with the following website.

    Then talk to payroll. Find out what your company's "workweek" is and do not assume that it has anything to do with your shift. Also ask if your company is using an Alternative Workweek Schedule that affects you.

    Lastly, what is your industry? And what are your job duties? There are a few industry specific exceptions out there. As well as sine job duty specific exceptions.
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