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Retaliation complaint - Remedies? California

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  • Retaliation complaint - Remedies? California

    Filling out a wage claim and at the same time completing the CA DLSE Retaliation Form RCI 1, since termination was because of the intention to file a wage claim. In Part 7, "Remedies", what do most claimants request? So far we've entered: "Payment of back wages, purge personnel file of any adverse notations, a cease and desist order about withholding wages for legitimate hours worked, a notice in the workplace clarifying payable hours for my same classification." Are we on the right track here?
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    It depends on the situation as to what would be requested. It sounds like you are on the right track in your case. Complete the form & send to the Ca. DLSE for review.
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      Personally, I'd focus just on what remedies directly affect you, not what punitive action you wan tto DLSE to take if they find a violation. You are looking for payment of wages due and possibly reinstatement/negation of the retaliatory act. That is what I would put. Let the DLSE come to their own conclusions as to whether or not more global action is required.
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