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Work times being shifted without consent. New York

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  • Work times being shifted without consent. New York

    Hey, LLT. I've been a service technician for the past 5+ years after 8 years of military service. Recently my company changed the way they do things. We used to just schedule our own work and as long as it got done there was no issue. Now they implemented a computer program to schedule us all. We were given shifts that we needed to be available and the program would schedule us mostly within our shift hours. Here's the catch; there is often night work in my particular industry and the company has said if needed they will forcibly shift our schedules to meet the needs of the business. Here's the example:

    My "shift" is 8x5. According to the bosses, as long as it is >7 days out, they can tell me I'm working midnight to 8am for the week. I'm just curious as to the legality of that. Thanks.

    Also, if anyone can provide a link to a place where I can read the NYS labor laws I would appreciate it. I've been scouring the NYS Department of Labor website for a while. Thanks again and great site. Very informative.

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    Unless you have a bona fide contract guaranteeing your shift, the employer is free to change it at will. If you're looking for a law that says it's illegal, such a law does not exist. In the absence of a law prohibiting something, it's considered to be legal.
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