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  • Employee Work Hours California

    I have some questions regarding the California Labor Laws on the amount of hours allowed to be worked in a day with and without a break by employees:
    1) What are the legal amount of hours a person can work in a day without a break?
    2) Does an 8 hour work day include an hour break? I.e. they really only work for 7 hours?
    3) What is/are the breakdowns of hours worked and the corresponding break times?

    I'm trying to get this information so our employees are treated fairly and correctly.

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      Thank you!

      So if I'm understanding this correctly, an employee can work 10 hours with a 30 min break for a meal (if the first one was waived). Then they also need the "net ten minute" break period of 25mins. Therefore they need 55 mins break to work a ten shift!

      Perhaps I should have prefaced this with the fact that we are a retail and service store. We have front desk staff that are not on with us full time. Does the above apply to them too?


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        In CA, lunch and breaks are legally two different things. Your "summarization" is blurring the lines betwen the two. Go back to the cited rules and assume that there are two different rule sheets with actual rules spelled out for a reason. When you say that "Therefore they need 55 mins break to work a ten shift!", that is incorrect. In a ten hour shift there likely is required to be one 30 minute subject to the lunch rules, and unrelated to that, there likely will be two 10 minute breaks, subject to the break rules. What exceptions that actually exist are spelled out in the two factsheets which were previously cited.
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