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forced to take week off for not meeting quota independent contractor Arizona

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  • forced to take week off for not meeting quota independent contractor Arizona

    I have been working for a company for 3 weeks now doing independent contracting for sales. I was told on Saturday at the office I could not work that day because my sales are not what is expected. I asked on Sunday when I could work again and was told to come back Dec. 1st. Was just wondering if it is legal for my boss to make me take unpaid time off because I did not meet his quota. Any help would be greatly needed.,
    Thank you

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    Short answer is probably yes. Longer answer will still be probably yes.
    - If you are legally an independant contractor (IC), then legally you are a business. You are not subject to labor law at all, but are instead subject to contract law only. The "rules" are basically whatever the contract said. If you are asking if you can force your customer to allow you access to your customer's business whenever you feel like it, the answer to that would be "no", unless the contract says otherwise.
    - All of the above assume that you are legally an IC. What you say so far makes that sound unlikely. However even if you are legally an employee, then all employment is at will and even under labor law, employers can almost always set the condtions and terms of employment for their employees. This includes telling someone to not come to work for a while.

    So either way, we are likely talking about telling you not to report to work for a while in response to poor sales numbers to be a legal action. Now your so-called status as an IC, that is legally iffy. But a different issue then what your question was.

    Not your question, but why not get a real job with a real employer? Sometime the best cure for a bad situation is to be somewhere else. After you get that real job, file a form SS-8 with IRS on your way out the door.
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