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Never filled out a W-4 when I started my job North Carolina

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  • Never filled out a W-4 when I started my job North Carolina

    I started a new job a couple months ago and I never got a w-4 to fill out but I get taxes taken out from my paycheck. They dont have my ssn and my name is wrong on my checks but the employer said that it didnt matter and I know that isnt right and he doesnt allow us to take our checks out of the store to cash them. We have to cash them from his deposit envelope and he keeps the checks. I know something if not all of this matter is not right but idk what all I should do. Any help will be great.

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    Finding a different job with a more reputable employer would be a good starting point. Nothing you can say or do will make your current employer reputable. Past that.
    - You need to report all income to IRS. Cash, not cash, either way it is income. If you web search the IRS website for something like "missing W2", you will get instructions on what to do come 1040 time.
    - You can file a form SS-8 with IRS. It will likely get the employer in trouble but will do little to directly help you.
    - If/when you file UI, likely they will never have heard of you, and when they talk to your employer, likely he will say that he never have heard of you either. You can and should appeal but this will be an uphill fight.
    - One more time, there is no good outcome here. Do not quit, but start looking for another job now.
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