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Exempt employee performing non exempt duties Virginia

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  • Exempt employee performing non exempt duties Virginia

    Hi there,

    This is my first visit here. I live in Virginia and have a question about something new my job is requiring. I am an exempt employee in Finance and Accounting; it was recently decided our company needs a receptionist. Rather than hire one, they have decided to assign this job to 8 people in the company on a rotating basis. We have to sit at the front desk from 9am - 3:30PM to answer the phone, door etc. We are required to take our "regular" work to the desk with us and expected to meet all deadlines.

    Is this something they can require?

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    Yes. "Other duties as assigned" is part of everyone's job description. Whether this is the most effective use of your time and skills is open to debate, but there is absolutely nothing illegal about requiring you to sit at the front desk and answer the phone.
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      Thanks for the quick response Marketeer. I figured that would be the case, but wanted to be sure. I am unhappy to be required to act as a receptionist at this stage of my career, but will suck it up, obviously don't want to lose my job!

      Thank you!


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        Agreed. The other question is the Exempt status, which is determined by looking at all job duties, including the time spent being a receptionist. There is a chance that the additional non-exempt duties could cause the Exempt status to fail. Nut there is no question that making employees do some reception duties is legal.
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          It seems if you are doing this on a rotating basis with 8 other people, it "most likely" would not make your exempt status fail.
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            That goes double if you are still performing all your other duties at the same time and not solely serving as a receptionist.
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              Over the years I've worked for three companies that to some extent used administrative staff to man the front desk at some points in time. One company completely eliminated the receptionist job and we rotated days or parts of days, another one we had to cover the lunch hour or sick/vacation days of the regular receptionist on a rotating basis and a similar arrangement in another company. The two last companies were large corporations and the first one was a small company.

              It's not what you "think you were hired to do", but it will give you an opportunity to learn something new and broaden your horizons. Don't take it as a negative - take it as a positive, and you may find that you'll at least have a new outlook on what receptionists actually go through with usually having to deal with gruff customers and not being able to find the right person on the phone at the right time and so on. Do your best and have a good attitude about it and it will be a nice change of pace to the usual and customary duties. And if you have a smile on your face and think of it as a fun thing to do, that's what it will become!