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Private Contractor vs. Employee California

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  • Private Contractor vs. Employee California

    i am i privately contracted debt collector and need some advice. I'm not sure if I'm actually a 1099 employee. they say we are our own bosses and say we are privately contracted but from the way things are run i feel like i should be an employee. i sit at a desk provided by my contractor and work 9-6 every weekday and some Saturdays. they tell me i can work my own hours but if i don't work the hours they say i'm not going to have a job anymore. the manager micromanages everything i do. i have a script i read from and i am limited to what i can say to the people. its commission only with a check once a month. i pay for nothing at the job and if anything happens to me i'm out of luck.

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    Here is a FAQ from the State of CA. Please read it, as it addresses your question.